Our Approach

I & O Medical Centers take a hands-on approach to working with employers. A clinic representative visits each job site personally to get an understanding of a company’s unique healthcare needs and concerns. Armed with first-hand knowledge, our experts can provide an extraordinary level of customized service.

The advantage of working with I & O is that we work directly with each employer to determine exactly what they need. We physically go to each location so that we know and understand what type of environment they are working in and what kinds of hazards those employees are up against. There is nothing ‘cookie-cutter’ about our approach.

Our Occupational Medicine Philosophy

At I & O Medical Centers we strive to maintain an active role in the patient’s healthcare while returning the patient to their maximum functioning level of work. Our staff and physicians work closely with the employer and case manager to communicate the patient’s progress. Open “One on One” Access, Early Intervention and Accountability are the keys to our successful Return to Work Policies.