Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic?

Save Your Company Time and Money!

When an accident occurs in the workplace, most people’s immediate reaction is to go to a hospital emergency room. And, for life- or limb-threatening incidents, it is recommended. But for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, an I & O Medical Center is a quicker and more economical solution. The following are just a few reasons why.

In a time when the majority of the nation’s emergency departments report that they are operating “at or over” capacity, patients often find themselves waiting extended periods of time to be seen by an emergency physician – resulting in prolonged pain and suffering for the patient. However, handling unscheduled visits is what urgent care centers, such as I & O Medical Centers, are designed to do. I & O specializes in industrial and occupational medicine. Therefore, the vast majority of its patients are adults in the workforce. Visitors to any one of I & O Medical Centers’ many locations will avoid having to wait for infant, children and family treatment (which would often take priority in an emergency room setting), and receive service in a much more timely manner.

Additionally, your visit to an I & O Medical Center is likely to be a fraction of the cost of any trip to the emergency room. Hospital emergency departments absorb a much higher overhead in the form of staff, equipment, IT investments and uncompensated care. So, the difference in cost between an urgent care visit and an emergency room visit for the same diagnosis could range as high as $228 to $583*!

I & O Medical Centers also believes in helping the employer, as well as the employee. Although comprehensive patient care will always be its primary directive, I & O also works with companies to provide fair workman’s compensation treatment; “restricting” the patient’s capacity to work, rather than simply excluding them from the workforce for overly extended period of time. This responsible approach to occupational medicinal treatment allows the employee to remain active, motivated and current in the workplace, while helping keep the employer’s insurance premiums to a minimum.

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*Statistics provided by the Urgent Care Association of America, “The Case for Urgent Care” – September 1, 2011