“Excellent Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment”

With more board-certified occupational medicine experts than anyone in the region, I & O Medical Centers is Hampton Roads’ premier provider of industrial and occupational medicine services, including Workers’ Comp. We are committed to providing quality service and it is always an honor when when we receive positive responses from the companies we serve. The following is from Shaw Construction Corporation in Yorktown.

I want to thank the staff at I & O Medical Centers for the prompt, professional medical treatment that was provided to our employee. Our employee crushed his finger 1:05 p.m. While he was being transported to your facility on Aberdeen Road, I called the center to give them authorization for treatment. Your front desk answered the phone immediately and collected preliminary information on the nature of injury and other information about our employee and our company.

The front desk sensed that this may be a more serious case, and forwarded me to a nurse in the treatment area. As always, the nurse went into action gathering information to prepare for my employee’s arrival.

My employee arrived at approximately 1:30 p.m. and was promptly seen by Dr. Alexander. Dr. Alexander wanted my employee to see a doctor at Tidewater Orthopedics to confirm his diagnosis.

Jessica with billing called me with an update. She told me about Dr. Alexander’s request. The staff was trying very hard to get an appointment by the end of the day because Tidewater Orthopedics was closing for the holidays. Jessica stated that the orthopedic group needed authorization for treatment from our insurance company before he could be seen. Jessica and I worked together with the insurance company and received the required approval for the orthopedic office.

By this time, the I & O team was in full swing, and they were on a mission to get my employee an appointment. Shortly thereafter, they had scheduled an appointment with the doctor for 5:00 p.m. Mission accomplished.

Dr. Baddar, I have been using I & O Medical for treatment of injuries since 1988, and it is cases like these that make you my number one choice for treatment of work injuries for our company. You have always been committed to consistency of care and excellent medical treatment of workers’ compensation injuries throughout the years. And, your staff is always committed to going the extra mile to make things happen.

I am very pleased with the outcome with the treatment of my employee’s finger. And, I am extremely happy with the staff’s efforts in this case.


Charlie Adams

Shaw Construction Corporation