Fall Seminar 2017 Recap

I & O Medical Centers was very pleased with the attendance of our annual fall seminar “2017 Occ Talk”. Our speakers did a great job on presenting the topics and an even better job during the Q&A sessions. If you missed the event in its entirety or want to use the seminar as a reference, we have put together the PowerPoint presentations for your viewing pleasure. Listed below are the important takeaways from the seminar.

Sara Smith – Senior Safety and Health Consultant from the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

Sara spoke in regards of the OSHA requirements with crystalline silica. Her presentation was one of the most important topics from the event. Packed with information, her presentation is embedded below.

Charlie Adams- Safety Director of Shaw Construction Corporation and Hampton Roads Mechanical of Virginia

Charlie spoke in regards of Hampton Roads Mechanical of Virginia’s training methods. This presentation was very popular because Charlie was entertaining with his presentation and very open to his company’s safety protocol. Charlie was proud of how many days accident free the company was and wanted to share with the attendees just how important safety is in the workplace. Content rich, his presentation is embedded below.

Nelson G. Keller D.P.M- Hampton Roads Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Doctor Keller spoke in regards to foot and ankle injuries caused in the workplace. Doctor Keller had surgery that morning before coming to speak at our seminar. We were glad to have him show the attendees examples of injuries that frequent the workplace. Due to HIPPA laws we are unable to release his presentation.

Jonathan Walker- Mason Mason Walker and Hedrick law firm

Johnathan spoke in regards to legal impairment and disability involving Workman’s Compensation. Johnathan was our last speaker from the seminar and ended the seminar on a high note. His presentation was entertaining and ended with a good Q&A session. A great highlight between disability and impairment, his presentation is embedded below.