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Company spotlight: UFP Mid Atlantic

Universal Forest Products (UFP) is a nationwide company that has several plants in the Mid-Atlantic region and one specifically here in Hampton Roads. UFP Mid-Atlantic has a plant located in Chesapeake that specializes in engineered components, industrial packing, and lumber for the commercial and residential building industry. Rooted in the area for 42 years now, UFP Mid-Atlantic has a proven structure in their industry. UFP Mid-Atlantic has ample space and machinery to process the lumber for their clientele. A staff of 85 employees ensures that orders are met in timely manner.

We had the pleasure of touring the facility and experiencing their safety culture. Being able to work closely with our clients allows I & O Medical Centers to build protocols around the company’s needs. UFP Mid-Atlantic trusts our Chesapeake clinic to perform their DOT physicals and drug screening. We also service work comp for UFP Mid-Atlantic, but due to their safety culture they haven’t had to use this service in years.

Our biggest takeaway from working with UFP Mid-Atlantic is the comradery within the company. We had noticed that the employees interacted well with each other and looked out for each other on the job. The family feel you notice when stepping into their doors makes you think that they are a small local operation, but in reality UFP spans across the nation. We are happy to have a company with this kind of culture to be a client of ours.

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