I & O Programs

doctor consultation“Open Access”

Our “Open Access” program allows you to refer a patient to I & O Medical Centers at any time during the course of his or her treatment plan. I & O Medical Centers can initiate treatment at the onset of the injured worker. If the injured worker has been referred to another physician and you are not pleased with the treatment plan, Dr. Michael Baddar will step in and take over the care of the patient. At any point during treatment, Dr. Baddar is available to evaluate the empoyee and establish permanent restrictions for a safe return to work.

Streamlining communication between case managers, insurance adjusters and the I & O offices is crucial in getting the injured back to work. At I & O we understand the importance of our shared return to work goal and now offer “One on One” appointments with Dr. Baddar. Case managers and insurance adjusters can schedule appointments anytime during the patient’s treatment plan.

Occupational Rehabilitation CAP Program

OCC Rehab is a comprehensive natural approach to rehabilitate the patient with the goal of return to full duty. Our program integrates offering natural modalities to help decrease pain and increase function. Passive and active therapies will be used based on need to help alleviate pain while building strength and function. The goal is to decrease dependency upon the clinicians and rehabilitate each patient to a pre-injury status.

Unlimited therapy sessions and a monthly visit with Dr. Michael Baddar are covered in the non-narcotic program. The narcotic program covers unlimited therapy sessions and excludes office visits and drug testing. Patient violations of the narcotic program will be transferred to the non-narcotic program and referred to a detox or Suboxone program.