Return to work philosophy strengthens patients and employers

I and O Medical Centers are the region’s leaders in helping Tidewater businesses navigate the complexities of Workers Compensations.  From an injured worker’s first visit to the doctor, through diagnosis, treatment, physical therapy and return to work, the Workers’ Comp specialist at I and O provide support and expertise to heal patients and protect  employers.

” We know the Workers Compensations cost are based on the number of lost days”  says Dr. Michael Baddar, who serves as medical director for several area companies. “Employers can keep their premiums down the fewer work days an employee loses. We adhere to a strong Return to Work philosophy and are committed to keeping lost work days to a minimum.”

One of the ways I and O accomplishes this is by empowering employers to utilize restricted or limited duty  for injured workers. Keeping workers on the job in a lighter capacity not only minimizes lost work days and saves money, but helps patients heal and return to regular duty status much quicker.

“It takes me a third of the time to fix the problem if a patient stays at work in a light duty role rather than staying at home and becoming deconditioned,” says Dr. Baddar.  Because Workers Compensation cases have been a mainstay of their business for more than two decades, I and O medical center handles these cases with a an unparalleled level of expertise putting patients and their employers at ease. Every Workers compensation case gets an I and O case manager to follow each patient and work directly with employers and insurance companies from beginning to end of their case. In each case a report detailing the patient’s work status is faxed to the employers immediately after patient’s initial evaluations.

Everything about I and O Medical Center from their four easily accessible locations to their flexible hours, trauma bays and comprehensive on-site services is designated to make if faster and easier to serve injured workers and their employers. Each clinic has the technology  on site – such as X-rays, Spirometry, Slit Lamps and EKG to make a fast and accurate diagnosis without  having to refer out. When a specialist  referral is necessary, and I and O physician remains the primary treating physician and works exclusively with providers who have the same strong return to work philosophy.

I & O Medical Centers can manage most cases at one of their locations from beginning to end, saving patients and inconvenience and saving employers money. They participate with every major insurance carrier and can bill company or insurance provider directly. “We try hard to make the whole situation as easy as possible for both patients and employers,” says Dr. Baddar. “Ultimately it is in everyone’s best interest to get that employee healthy and back in the workplace in the smoothest, fastest way possible.”