Worker’s Compensation

A ‘return to work’ philosophy makes sense for both the employer and employee. When a worker can stay at work, even with a lighter work load, instead of staying a home to recover, the problem can typically be resolved in a third of the time.

The decision as to where to send a worker who becomes ill or injured on the job is a vital one for any company. Make the wrong choice and the patient could end up tossed from one provider to another, while the employer is stuck chasing a paper trail in order to file a Worker’s Compensation claim.

While an Urgent Care facility may treat the immediate problem, only I & O  Medical Centers are equipped to continue to follow patients who need ongoing care and to deal with the complexities of Worker’s’ Compensation cases, from diagnosis to return to work. As worker’s compensation injury treatment specialists, we know how to manage injuries and control losses, thus increasing employers’ productivity. Our philosophy is to return patients back to work as soon as possible. We do not write patients out of work; therefore, we empower employers to utilize restricted or limited duty, which as studies have shown, helps workers return to regular duty status much quicker.

Injured workers who stay at home can lose muscle mass at a rate of 3% per day, while their employers lose money. Turning that around, with expert care and know-how, can transform a difficult situation into a win-win.