Spring Seminar 2018 Recap

I & O Medical Centers would like to thank everyone who was able to come
out and celebrate our 30th Anniversary Spring Seminar! It is such a pleasure
to serve each and every company that we have been able to build such a great
lasting relationship with. We had some wonderful speakers come to the event
delivering information pertinent to the healthcare field ranging from Workers
Compensation to Therapeutic Botox. If you were unable to attend, here is a
recap below.

Denise Kulick, RN, MS, MBA, CCM is the current Nurse Case Manager
for Results Case management.
Denise highlighted her role as a Case Manager
(CM), the job process, and how it directly correlates to Workers Compensation. Her
presentation is embedded below.

Diane Abshire, representing Allergen, discussed both therapeutic Botox and
cosmetic Botox.
She highlighted the differences in treatment, medical filing for
insurance purposes and the origin of Botox.

Dr. Saunora Prom, DO, CAQSM represented Tidewater Physician Multispecialty Group.
Dr. Prom delivered a detailed approach on how to handle heat exhaustion on the job
and emphasized incidence / prevalence, risk factors, and treatments within the
Industrial field. His presentation is embedded below.

Joe DiNardo, toxicologist, discussed the impact of chemical sunscreens on the
DiNardo primarily works within the Maui and Honolulu region for
his research and touched on the sources of oxybenzone/octinoxate; specifically
relating to the chemicals’ direct effect on cancers, pediatric toxicities, and
environmental toxicities. His presentation is embedded below.

Dr. N. Michael Baddar, MP, MS, MPH is Medical Director and Owner of I & O
Medical Centers.
 Dr. Baddar touched on both Diane Abshire’s and Joe DiNardo’s topics, delving
deeper into a medical perspective. Therapeutic Botox can have a great impact on
the major opioid epidemic that has spread nationwide, turning patients to a more
natural approach for pain. The product development of oxybenzone is also a topic
near and dear to Dr. Baddar’s heart. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of
Independent Medical Examinations and his experience on performing this exam
for over 30 years.

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