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Hazmat Surveillance

Hampton Roads is a home to one of the biggest shipyards in the United States and has a substantial amount of contactors fueling the maritime industry. In addition to the maritime industry, the construction industry and logistics industry are big players in our area. Since our clinics service several different industries, we must properly medically […]

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OSHA New Silica Standard

It is our duty as a medical resource for our clients to update and advise companies about the new standards that improve workplace safety. Many companies that we have the honor of servicing here at I&O Medical Centers dedicate their expertise and professional workforce to industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and construction. With these occupations […]

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Water Stations and Important Facts of Water

There has always been the stereotype of the water cooler being a place where employees go to gossip and waste valuable company time. On the contrary, there are many benefits to providing water for employees. The standard amount of water a person should be drinking daily is 64 fl. oz., and this number increases depending on one’s physical activity […]

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Preventing Injuries in the Workplace by Using a Job Hazard Analysis

Sometimes employers may not feel that they can control the number of injuries in the workplace. However, there are tools that they may not realize are at their disposal to be two steps ahead of hazards and potential injuries. One such tool is the Job Hazard Analysis. This OSHA-endorsed approach to preventing injuries could ultimately save your company from […]

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Occupational Exposure: Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a potentially fatal liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus.  This virus is spread by infected blood and other bodily fluids.  Adults who acquire Hep B may never fully recover, and remain chronically infected.  Due to the severity of the virus, OSHA requires any workers who could have an occupational exposure […]

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