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Tips to Beat the Heat

The OCC DOC’s guide to beat the heat Working outside is no easy task and it’s important to know how to stay safe from the heat we will experience this summer! Beat the heat with these 7 simple steps from the Department of Labor. Institute a heat acclimatization plan and medical monitoring program. Closely supervise […]

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The Importance of the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire / Overread in Respirator Fit Testing

by Melinda Fontaine, Occupational Medical Liaison, I & O Medical Centers Employees who work in environments where exposure to harmful contaminants or where oxygen-deficient air are a concern should wear respirators. However, respirators can make breathing more difficult and not everyone is able to wear a respirator. Some conditions that could prevent someone from using […]

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What to do if you’re Injured at Work (Infographic)

Workers Compensation Panel (FREE workplace signage) The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission requires employers to supply a panel of physicians allocated to provide medical treatment for work-related accidents. This panel must consist of a minimum of three physicians who are not in the same practice group or who do not otherwise  share a community of interest. On a daily […]

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