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Safety with Respirable Silica

Be diligent about your safety when working with respirable silica! It could save your life. What is crystalline silica? This is a basic component of concrete, sand, granite and many other materials. If you work with sand blasting, glass etching, painting, jackhammers, asphalt, paving, ceramic manufacturing, tool and die, or construction — just to name […]

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OSHA New Silica Standard

It is our duty as a medical resource for our clients to update and advise companies about the new standards that improve workplace safety. Many companies that we have the honor of servicing here at I&O Medical Centers dedicate their expertise and professional workforce to industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and construction. With these occupations […]

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The Importance of the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire / Overread in Respirator Fit Testing

by Melinda Fontaine, Occupational Medical Liaison, I & O Medical Centers Employees who work in environments where exposure to harmful contaminants or where oxygen-deficient air are a concern should wear respirators. However, respirators can make breathing more difficult and not everyone is able to wear a respirator. Some conditions that could prevent someone from using […]

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