Water Stations and Important Facts of Water

There has always been the stereotype of the water cooler being a place where employees go to gossip and waste valuable company time. On the contrary, there are many benefits to providing water for employees. The standard amount of water a person should be drinking daily is 64 fl. oz., and this number increases depending on one’s physical activity level. It has been proven through numerous studies that avoiding dehydration improves mood, health, and productivity among employees. To specify, hydration does not mean sugary beverages such as soda and energy drinks. It means clean, pure water. In fact, water coolers use less energy to run compared to drink vending machines.

Dehydration is a common factor when it comes to feelings such as sluggishness, headaches, irritability, and hunger. It is a common misconception that one isn’t dehydrated if they aren’t thirsty. Thirst is an early stage of dehydration and can often be exacerbated when one consumes caffeinated beverages throughout the day. Caffeine being a diuretic, it leads to even further dehydration.

The summer is a time when it is especially important for workers to recognize the need for proper hydration, whether or not they physically feel thirsty. This holds even more importance when employees are working outside or in non-air conditioned spaces. According to OSHA standards, employers must provide potable water to their employees within 100 yards of wherever they may be working. Potable, meaning the water provided “meets the standards for drinking purposes of the State or local authority having jurisdiction.” Keep these facts in mind no matter if one is working in an office or on a construction site. Consuming an adequate amount of water will keep employees sharper and more productive. Cheers!