What is an EMR form and how does it help my business?

Employer Medical Request forms (EMR) are a tangible form that employees can take to any one of our clinics to be seen. Our EMR forms benefit companies for reasons such as:

  • Reduced employee confusion
  • Easy access to all of our addresses (extremely beneficial while out in the field)
  • Quick reference to the most frequented services offered at our clinics
  • Physical paper trail for accounting purposes
  • Accountability for employees
  • Saves time for the employer

At I & O Medical Centers we offer a wide array of services for our clients. The amount of services we offer can make it challenging to remember exactly what an employee is coming in for. By having an EMR form with them, all of the confusion is settled and the line of communication is solidified. Our EMR forms have all of our locations and hours listed to make it easier to find which office is closest to your employees if a situation presents itself. We have listed our most frequently requested services on our EMR forms to help speed the process of getting your employees in and out of the clinic and back to work.

When an employee enters one of our clinics with an EMR form, a paper trail is created. The employee will present the EMR form to the front desk which will be scanned in for both our records and your company’s. This creates accountability for your employees, making sure they are physically going to the clinic and being seen for what was authorized. By taking out the guessing game of who needs to go and who sent an employee, our EMR forms save valuable time for our clients and their employees.

If you would like to request EMR forms for your company or need more EMR forms please contact ourclient services representatives at 757-738-5961 or 757-707-0256.