What to do if you’re Injured at Work (Infographic)

Worker's Comp infographic

Workers Compensation Panel (FREE workplace signage)

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission requires employers to supply a panel of physicians allocated to provide medical treatment for work-related accidents. This panel must consist of a minimum of three physicians who are not in the same practice group or who do not otherwise  share a community of interest.

On a daily basis we see a dozen warehouses and workplaces that have a stark white sheet of paper with their panel of physicians printed on it. It is normally posted on a congested bulletin boards that nobody acknowledges! To mediate this problem we have created some workplace signage for our clients, so employees know their options and how to handle an injury properly.  Let us know what you think and if you are in the Hampton Roads area and would like a copy of our FREE poster send us an email at clientservicesrep@iandomedical.com