Why I & O Medical Centers should be your #1 choice for Workers’ Compensation

With the Virginia Medical Fee Schedule in full effect, many employers may have thoughts about reconsidering who they send their employees to for medical care. Employers in the past have made their decision solely on pricing, but now that all fees for Workers’ Compensation are the same across the board, this decision may be tricky. I & O Medical Centers will continue to provide the BEST medical care in the Hampton roads area and this is why you should consider choosing our clinic as your primary Workers’ Compensation medical provider.

At I & O Medical Centers, we have the patient write in their own words how, when, and where the accident occurred all within the first visit while also having our providers write their account of the injury in our EMR system. This is valuable to the employer so that the accident may be viewed and compared from both stories that have been recorded, therefore creating the first report. While the first report of injury is extremely important from an insurance standpoint, having your employee back to work as soon as possible is most beneficial for not only your company but for the morale of the injured employee. According to a recent survey, it took an average of a year and a half for Work Comp cases to be settled. Here at I & O Medical Centers, we average patient recovery time between 2 and 6 weeks. By doing this, we have created an internal system that works like a well-oiled machine.

Here are a few major points we focus on in order to execute this timeframe:

  1. Getting our patients the correct medications immediately
  2. Implementing the sports medicine model
  3. Internal patient management
  4. Getting the necessary referrals completed in a timely manner

All of our offices have an in-house pharmacy so that patients are able to leave the office with their medications on hand. This reduces wait time for the patient having to travel to another pharmacy, excuses or forgetfulness to have a prescription(s) filled, and just overall convenience. We are here to deliver the best patient experience possible!

Our Medical Review Officer and owner, Dr. Baddar, has chosen the Sports Medicine Model for patient recovery because it directly correlates with staying conditioned. The best way to heal an injury is by staying conditioned and active. Once a patient is referred out to our hand-picked specialist (all of which are the best in the area with patient care, treatment, and workers compensation), we are able to internally manage the case due to having staff devoted strictly to referrals and the great existing relationship that we have with these providers.

I & O Medical Centers has been handling Workers’ Compensation for 30 years, putting our company at the top of your list because of our experience in this field. Having long lasting relationships with third parties, insurers, and the insured creates the perfect environment for being able to give the best patient care possible to your employee in order to get them back to work quickly and safely. Please contact our Client Service Representatives to discuss our Workers’ Compensation services in greater detail.